What's Your Ambition?

What's up Everybody!

Coming to you a day late here because I was working IN the business this week cause one of my main guys went down with a bad sprained ankle...I was delivering slides all week long like the old days! And TBH I had a blast and totally miss it...

OK, so today I want to talk about...


This is really a SELF AWARENESS conversation, but I like the term "ambition" much better. I feel like it more accurately portrays your desires in a positive light regardless of what you aim to achieve.

So, do you have the ambition to grow your business to a good size, get the staffing set, and sit in a hammock making $100,000 per year doing very little? (which is WAY easier said than done )😅

Or, do you want to grow to infinity and take over the town, then city, then county...then the WORLD? 🦸🏼‍♂️

I fall into the category of over-ambitious-take-over-the-world type. but make no mistake...

There is no right answer. There is only YOUR answer.



Clarity begets success
It makes no sense running full speed ahead if you're running in the wrong direction.

In order to enter the race you need to know where the starting line is AND where the finish line is. 


- Brainstorm what you REALLY want? Make the list ON PAPER
              *A stable job, stressful life as a biz owner, stress for life as an entrepreneur

- Now analyze that vision of what you want, and ask "WHY?"
              *Your why must to align with YOU, not mention others

-Then its gut check time...What have you DONE to move toward what you want?
              *Make the list, and ONLY ACTIONS can go on this scoreboard

Your life won't move until your actions align with your ambitions 🪢
Wednesdays at 6pm Central!
Last week I launched a new show where we all drank our favorite drinks and talked about business. 

I'm so happy to report that not only was it a smashing success (pun intended 💯) but more importantly we had a TON of fun, and REALLY helped some people out.

Now this is super meta here (like ultra valuable lesson)... I don't love the name of the show at all, but I not only launched it anyway, I have it on YouTubealready and in the news letter. I can't stress this enough, ACTIONS matter, ideas do not.
Your ambitions are fake AF if you're not DOING.

Ok so if you want to join us, save this link! Wednesday at 6pm, WEEKLY  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/76617930392
I'm new to using Zoom so my aim is to keep Booze and Biz that same link forever, I think I did it right! 


Thanks for reading!

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